Themed Events


Are you planning a themed celebration? Why not theme the menu to match!  We have come up with some fantastic menu options to deliver and authentic experiences for you and your guests.  We can provide a sample of the themed menus that we can arrange for your next event – we specialise in each cuisine to ensure authenticity in the creation of your menu.

While Danielle will work with you to get your perfect themed party, we do have some themes that our chefs and party specialists recommend. A Mexican party is one that many people enjoy, whether they are going formal or informal. We offer many ethnic specialties for our Asian Fusion and Spanish Fusion themes. A Mediterranean Buffet might be what you are looking for, or perhaps a Wild Game Event.

Whether you want to try one of our recommendations, or come up with a personalised theme on your own, allow Danielle to help you achieve that perfect party.

As you talk with our party specialists and chefs to come up with a theme that is unique to you, we will listen intently to be sure that we help you achieve the party that you desire.




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